Castel Firmiano Bolzano

Between two rivers, on top of a rock called Monte di Mezzo, standing sentry over the city of Bolzano and surrounding valley stands the Castel Firmiano. Its name in German is Schloss Sigmundskron. Not much is left of the original structure, but it is still a good example of pre-10th century Tyrolean fortresses. The castle is the seat of the Messner Mountain Museum.

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Bolzano Province (Alto Adige)

The province of Bolzano (Alto Adige) consists of 116 cities and is the second largest province of Italy. Its number of inhabitants is around 530,000. The capital is Bolzano. Since German is the main language in this part of Italy, most cities have two names. It is one of two provinces making up the region of Trentino-Alto Adige.

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Dominican Church and Galleria Civica Bolzano

Highlights of the Dominican Church complex in Bolzano are the cloister and the Chapel of San Giovanni and an altarpiece by Guercino. Part of the complex is now used to house the Civic Museum of Bolzano. Another part is the seat of the Conservatorium.

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Bolzano City Guide

Bolzano is the capital of Alto Adige, officially known as the province of Bolzano. It is nowhere near the biggest city of the province, but is considered to be one of Italy’s most liveable cities. Main attractions are the Piazza Walther, the Cathedral and the “Iceman” in the Archaeological Museum.

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Tourist attractions Province of Bolzano (Alto Adige)

The main tourist attractions of the province of Bolzano in northern Italy are not necessarily in the cities. The landscape is dotted with, often very well preserved, ancient castles and old farmsteads. Moreover, the mountainous area is very popular for skiing in the winter and hiking during the summer holidays.

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