Casa Barnekow Anagni

Casa Barnekow Anagni

The Casa Barnekow is a medieval building on the main street of Anagni. It was bought in the 19th century by an aristocrat from Sweden, who then had it embellished.

Casa Barnekow Anagni

Address, opening times and admission

The address of the Casa Barnekow is Via Vittorio Emanuele, 89 – 03012 Anagni. The building is privately owned and cannot be visited by tourists.

History and description

The Casa Barnekow is not the only striking building along the main street. Ever since the Middle Ages, important figures such as cardinals, bankers and feudal lords have bought palaces here and embellished them with all sorts of decorations.

The Casa Barnekow is certainly the most striking of these buildings. It is named after the Swedish nobleman and painter who bought it in the 19th century. He then had the fa├žade embellished with frescoes and plaques with texts in various languages.

The staircase on the outside of the small building and located under several arches supported by a large column makes for an extremely picturesque sight.

In the Sant’Andrea Church opposite Palazzo Barnekow, a 13th century triptych depicting the “Redeemer” is on display.

Casa Barnekow, Anagni

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