Casa Poscia Viterbo

The Casa Poscia is located in the Via Saffi in Viterbo. This typical medieval house was the home of a young lady called Galiana, who was so beautiful that a Roman soldier killed her because she did not want him as a husband.

Casa Poscia Viterbo

Address, opening hours and admission

Address: Via Aurelio Saffi – Viterbo. Opening hours: Not open to tourists.

History and description

Casa Poscia Viterbo
Casa Poscia

The Casa Poscia was built in the 14th century. The most striking part of the façade is the so-called profferlo (staircase ending in a loggia) with the flower-decorated balcony.

One of the most beautiful girls of Viterbo used to live in this house. According to legend, this Galiana had a skin so pale and transparent that, when she drank wine, one could see it descending down her throat.

In reality, it is not really known who built the house. The coat of arms on the façade is so damaged that it does not give any information either. The name Poscia is therefore presumed to be that of one of the last owners of the house.

Casa Poscia, Viterbo

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