Public Transport Florence

Florence is Italy’s most central metropolitan city and is therefore an important traffic hub. Several railway lines pass through the city and there is a network of intercity buses that allow you to travel through the rest of Tuscany. The centre is not very large and is fairly easy to navigate on foot. There are city buses for attractions that are a little further away. Florence does not have a metro system.

Public transport Florence

To/from Florence

Amerigo Vespucci Airport

Florence airport is called Aeroporto Amerigo Vespucci. There are several ways to get to the city center from this airport.

However, many tourists arrive at the Pisa’s Galileo Galilei airport (Ryanair has its Tuscan home base here). From here there are both bus and train connections to the center of Florence.

Train stations

Train - Florence Public Transport

Florence is Italy’s most centrally located big city and is an important railway junction. Most trains arrive at the central Santa Maria Novella train station and it is from here that most trains depart. Recently, in addition to the FS (Trenitalia), there is a second company (Italo) that provides connections to Rome and Milan.

Regional buses

There are a number of bus companies that provide connections to other cities and towns in Tuscany, some of which (such as Siena) are not or not easily accessible by train.

Public Transportation within Florence

The centre of Florence is very small, so if your hotel is in or close to this centre you can actually visit almost the entire city on foot. The area around the Duomo is only accessible for pedestrians anyway. There is no metro system in Florence. The city buses are run by the company ATAF.

City buses

Most city buses in Florence have their starting or ending point in the Piazza Stazione, near the central station Santa Maria Novella. In the historic centre, where regular buses cannot enter, there are 4 lines that are provided by smaller electric buses.


Public Transport Florence - Trams

The most important tramline for tourists is the T2 Vespucci, which runs in 20 minutes from the airport to the main train station. The route of the T1 Leonardo starts at Scanducci and continues through the station into the city. Bus tickets are also valid on the tram.

Taxis in Florence

There are official rates for taxi rides both inside and outside the city limits of Florence. The prices of the airport and train stations are fixed and independent of the meter.

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