Sicily Travel Guide

The region of Sicily consists of the island of Sicily itself, plus a number of smaller islets. The capital of the region, which consists of 9 provinces, is Palermo. It is the largest region by area, and the fourth largest by population in the country. Since the island has been occupied by different peoples over the centuries, it also probably has the most eclectic culture in Italy.

All about Sicily

Sicily consists of the provinces of Messina, Catania, Siracusa, Ragusa, Catanissetta, Agrigento, Trapani, Palermo and Enna. The last of these nine is the only one that does not border the coast anywhere. In total, more than five million inhabitants live on the island.

Provinces of Sicily


Messina is the Sicilian province closest to mainland Italy. The Città Metropolitana di Messina, as the province is now called, consists of 108 municipalities. The capital city is Messina itself. However, the province’s biggest tourist attractions are Taormina and the seven Aeolian Islands. Two of these islands, Stromboli and Vulcano, still have active volcanoes.


The Province of Catania is located north of Syracuse. The capital city is also called Catania. The most famous part of the province is Mount Etna, but the biggest attraction is probably the crystalline clear blue sea. The 70 km long coast line from Simeto to Alcantara is known as the Riviera Catanese.


The biggest attraction of the province of Syracuse is the capital city, which is also called Syracuse. A second interesting city is Noto, which is known for its baroque architecture.


The province of Ragusa is located in the south eastern part of Sicily. Its capital is Ragusa itself. Other cities worth a visit are Vittoria and Modica.


Unlike most Sicilian provincial capital cities Caltanissetta is not located on the coast, but inland. The city with the biggest population is Gela, which is located on the coast.


The capital of the province of Agrigento is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Sicily. Since the Pelagie island group is part of the province, it can be considered the southernmost province of Italy. Other interesting places beside Agrigento are Licata, Sciacca and the island of Lampedusa.


Trapani is the westernmost province of Sicily and is one of the biggest wine producing areas of the country. Apart from the capital itself, also called Trapani, Segesta and Marsala are the most interesting towns.


The province of Palermo occupies a big part of the northern coastline of the island. Its capital Palermo is also the biggest city on the island and capital of Sicily itself. Cefalù is the other big attraction. The island Ustica is a part of the province.


Piazza Armerina Sicily

Enna is the only province of Sicily that does not border the sea. Its main cities are the capital, Enna itself, and Piazza Armerina. In 2015 the province was replaced by the Free municipal consortium of Enna. The area is mountainous and its small towns are often hard to reach by public transportation.

Airports on Sicily

There are four international airports of Sicily. The biggest ones are the airports of Palermo and Catania. The other two are in Trapani and Comiso. There are also three national airports, in Lampedusa, Pantelleria and Palermo. The airport of Sigonella is for military use only.