Top 10 tourist attractions Spoleto

Spoleto is a beautiful hilltown, with a very picturesque historical center, so it is not difficult to come up with a top 10 tourist attractions. Steep, narrow alleys, flowers and ancient walls are the norm in the old town. The main highlights are the Cathedral, the Rocca Albernoziana and the Ponte delle Torri.

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Spoleto City Guide

Spoleto is a hill town in the southernmost part of the province of Perugia. Like many cities in the area, it has a beautiful historic center on the top of a hill, and below this a sprawling and less interesting modern part. The main sights are the Rocca Albernoz, the Cathedral and the Torre delle Ponti, a huge bridge over a valley between the castle and the hill across the valley.

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Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral Spoleto

The Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral in Spoleto is one of the main tourist attractions of the city. Highlights are the facade with the five arches and the mosaics and the works of art by Filippo Lippi, Annibale Caracci, Pinturicchio and Giuseppe Valadier decorating the interior.

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