Top 10 tourist attractions Alatri

Alatri is, thanks to its Roman and medieval monuments, one of the most interesting and popular destinations for day trips from Rome.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions Alatri

  1. One of Alatri‘s most unique attractions is its old city wall in polygonal masonry. It has six big gates and three smaller ones and is built around the old town center. Parts of the walls were restored during the Middle Ages and towers were also added.
  2. Alatri’s acropolis has got the same kind of walls and two gates called the Porta Maggiore and the Porta Minore.
  3. The Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, originally built in the 5th century, containing the woodwork group of the “Madonna of Constantinople” and the “Triptych of the Redeemer” by Antonio di Alatri.
  4. The 13th century Palazzo Gottifredo, with two towers, one of which houses the Museo Civico.
  5. Fontana Pia
  6. The Church and Convent of San Francesco were built in the second half of the 13th century.
  7. The Church of the Maddalena contains a number of 14th century frescoes.
  8. The Museo Civico Archeologico di Alatri is located in one of the towers of the Palazzo Gottifredi. It houses archeological finds that go back as far as the 2nd century BC.
  9. Saint Paul’s Cathedral was built in the 10th century and is located on top of an old pagan temple. It contains the 1227 relic of “Ostia Incarnate”.
  10. The 18th century Chiesa degli Scolopi stands opposite the Santa Maria Maggiore and is characterized by a Borromini-like facade.

More tourist attractions in Alatri

  • Protocenobio San Sebastiano
  • Church of Santo Stefano
  • Chiesa della XII Marie
  • Grancia di Tecchiena
  • Convent of the Cappuccini
  • Fountain of Porta San Pietro
  • “Le Piagge”

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